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Creating new content on a regular basis can be very challenging. It’s not that this journey lacks exciting developments, believe me. My mind and heart have been strobing between peace and chaos for days now. The challenge is making sense of it all. As I work my way through this static, I invite you to join me.

This may be my most valuable post yet because rather than sharing my thoughts, I will share with you the medicine that keeps me afloat in the presence of Mara. The flavor of the month…

Vinny Ferraro, Teacher at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society

The teachings of Vinny Ferraro.
This man speaks to my heart. His voice, his compassion, his style of teaching the Dharma. I try to ride without training wheels as much as I can, but when I need a little boost Vinny is my dude.

Check out his website or…

Tune in to one of his talks or guided meditations below.


“You already care” | Spirit Rock Meditation Center | September 2016

“Working With Tyranny” | Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley | February 2016 

“Seeing Thru Eyes of Love” | Spirit Rock Meditation Center | January 2016

“Second Noble Truth and Compassion | Insight Retreat Center| January 2015

“In the Presence of the Beloved” | Spirit Rock Meditation Center | December 2012


Guided Meditation Metta

Guided Meditation Metta 2

Catch him and other great teachers at Against The Stream

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