Too Soon For A Goodbye

I started writing this song in 2014 after the passing of Andy. I remember crying as I tried to record the vocal track again and again. I couldn’t get it out.

I never actually got around to recording all of the vocals or instruments. Eventually, I realized that this wasn’t a song to “finish” in the normal sense of the word. This was my therapy. I never intended to write this song. I just didn’t have enough places to cry from. This was a very raw moment in my life. To go back and “finish” this song would be to strip it of all its worth.

When I hear this recording, I remember my friends. I remember the love and support flowing to and from anyone who needed it when they needed it. I remember the unpredictable, yet effortless shuffle of love and sadness that sustained a special kind of balance. I remember all of this being an awe-inspiring demonstration of the strength we hold when we hold each other.

And again today, my heart opens. I love you all.

Strength In Numbers by Chris O’Brien


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